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“We obtained our certification in April with a very clean audit and our success was due in no small way to Elaine’s hard work and constant communication with us”

We hired Elaine Rampone as a consultant to help us prepare for obtaining our AS9100 certification. The process involved 5 months of constant work assessing our quality systems and to making necessary changes to comply with the standards.

Elaine’s knowledge of the industry, ISO9001 and AS9100 standards is extraordinary and her guidance in assisting with our preparation was instrumental in helping us. We obtained our certification in April with a very clean audit and our success was due in no small way to Elaine’s hard work and constant communication with us.

She provided us with a detailed road map to get us through each stage and did a full audit to uncover any remaining deficiencies. Our gratitude for Elaine’s help and guidance is enormous and I do not hesitate to recommend her services to any company seeking ISO9001 or AS9100 consulting.

Steve Kent
Director of Quality
Giga-tronics Inc.

“…made it into a manageable and understandable experience.”

Elaine is a true professional. She took what could have been a very frightening undertaking (AS9100 qualification) and made it into a manageable and understandable experience.

Rick Schwarz
B & A Company Inc
Precision CNC Milling and Turning

“…driving force in helping us achieve and maintain our AS 9100 certification.”

Elaine has been the driving force in helping us achieve and maintain our AS 9100 certification. Her experience and knowledge allowed us to integrate our existing quality policies into a format that met the criteria required for the certification and helped us stream line our procedures to be more effective. She continues to work with our company to continuously improve our procedures and keep us up to date with all the changes that are occurring at this time.

Michelle O. Allinson
Cursor LLC

…is unparalleled and highly contagious.

Elaine’s enthusiasm for the subject matter that she teaches – in this case ISO Internal Auditor Training – is unparalleled and highly contagious. She believes in the essence of ISO and conveys her passion that helps the basic tenets of ISO take root with the class participants. By communicating the value of internal auditors helping the company to continuously improve she inspired us to take on the responsibilities of an ISO internal auditor and to strive for excellence. If you need someone who lives and breathes ISO and Aerospace quality you’d be hard pressed to find someone as genuine and good at what she does as Elaine Rampone.

Deborah Kellogg-Van Orden
Continuous Improvement Engineer
RBC Bearings – PIC Design

“…instrumental in our successful completion of this major program.”

Elaine has been instrumental in helping Sapphire Engineering prepare for our ISO9001:2000 registration audit. We had a very aggressive schedule and Elaine kept us on track with our plan. One of the major milestones was to have a successful documentation review and we did. Elaine’s coaching on Internal Auditing as well as Management Responsibility was also instrumental in our successful completion of this major program. Our Quality Management System stood the test of the ISO9001:2000 registration audit and, in just over 7 months, on March 20, 2008, Sapphire Engineering received ISO9001:2000 registration.

Larry Friedman
Director of Quality and Operational Excellence
Sapphire Engineering

“…the attitude that made what is usually a painful,
intimidating process, an enjoyable one.”

RAMP not only has the knowledge and expertise – they also possess the attitude that made what is usually a painful, intimidating process, an enjoyable one. Without Elaine, we would’ve struggled through the surveillance audit. Prior to hiring her company, we failed our registration audit miserably. We had a short window of opportunity to obtain registration due to a customer request and our external auditor thought that with the shape we were in during our initial audit, the 4 months we had to recover was literally impossible. Well we believed in Elaine and she came through. We have now achieved our recommendation for AS9100 certification. She was thorough, professional and very assertive. Also very pleasant and enjoyable to work with.

THANKS RAMP and ELAINE we couldn’t have done it without you.

Karrie MacDonald
Materials Manager and Management Rep, Global Turbine

“RAMP Enterprises brings a great mix of experience to the table.”

RAMP Enterprises brings a great mix of experience to the table. There is experience in multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, medical device, and general manufacturing. Additionally, RAMP Consultants have been successful in changing the culture and management perception of quality systems. RAMP has also helped my clients with implementing systems of dashboard metrics. Overall a good value and great common sense approaches to quality management systems.

Joseph Azary
Azary Technologies LLC

“Great support to our team through leadership and energetic encouragement.”

In September 2004, Northern Power Systems made a commitment to obtain ISO 9001:2000 registration by March 2005. We turned to Elaine to provide us the guidance to reach this goal in a short amount of time. Up for the challenge, Elaine helped us by prioritizing our activities and continually following up to ensure completion according to schedule. She provided great support to our team through leadership and energetic encouragement which enabled us to achieve our goal.

Darren Jamison, President
Northern Power Systems

“A very strong grasp of quality management concepts and principles.”

July 21, 2005

To whom it may concern,

After a change in quality managers at ProFlow, we contracted with Ramp Enterprises/Elaine Rampone to assist us in training our new quality manager and to streamline our quality system.

Elaine displays a very strong grasp of quality management concepts and principles as well as the ability to apply these principles to practical applications in a small manufacturing business. Elaine is organized, professional and conscientious. Elaine’s experience and persistence with our auditor training program was invaluable in keeping our quality management system focused and on track.

I strongly feel that Elaine’s talents and abilities would be an asset to any organizations quality management system.

ProFlow Inc
Kurt Uihlein

“The biggest benefit is how much more efficient our entire organization has become.”

As an ISO 9000-2001 registered company, Flight Services Group, Inc. needs to actively and effectively monitor our Corrective Action system. This process is an integral part of the continuing improvement of our management systems. Being able to easily capture and then track the progress being made on the issues we have identified as central to this improvement is essential to a lean corporate model such as ours.

The Corrective Action System database designed and maintained by RAMP Enterprises is the tool that we have chosen to assist us with this important task. Robert Frost, as the facilitator of our system has completely endorsed this robust and fully interactive tool for any company that is serious about effectively managing the information contained in their own Corrective Action process.

We can easily add and modify Corrective Action records, whenever and wherever we need to given the web-based set up. It is simple to create, distribute and print reports that actively track the status of these records. The system also automatically generates an electronic ‘paper trail’ for process owners so that they can stay focused on their goals. It is a very complete package that at a minimum has saved us hours of work each and every week. However, the biggest benefit is how much more efficient our entire organization has become as we work through the ISO process using Ramp Enterprises’ Corrective Action System as a guide.

Thomas H. Miller
Chief Executive Officer
Flight Services Inc.
Stratford, CT

“We recommend Elaine Rampone’s professional services to any company.”

Chromalloy Connecticut is deeply indebted to Elaine Rampone for her professional assistance in our attaining both our ISO 9001:2000 upgrade and our AS9100 approval status. Prior to hearing about Ramp Enterprises we were uncertain we would be able to accomplish these goals before our deadlines. Elaine’s experience in, and deep knowledge of, the Aerospace industry made the transitions almost painless. Elaine ensured that all members of CCT’s management and internal auditing teams were well trained and motivated to follow through on all the hard work that comes with being ISO or AS certified. We would recommend Elaine Rampone’s professional services to any company that endeavors to have and maintain an effective Quality System.

Kim Linderman
ISO 9001 / AS9100 Management Representative

“Ramp Enterprises, LLC is all you need!”

If you are pulling your hair out with this new certification requirement, if you are unsure where to start or what to improve, you do not need to fret any longer. Elaine Penta Rampone of Ramp Enterprises, LLC is all you need! We were first introduced to Elaine in September of 2000. At the time we were lost and unsure that we would make our goal of ISO 9001:1994 certification by December 2000. Elaine not only kept us on schedule, which enabled us to keep our deadline, she also had the experience and knowledge needed to enabled us to get zero deviations! We used her services again to upgrade our system to the new 9001:2000 standards this past November and again received zero deviations on our new certificate obtained in January of 2003! I highly recommend Elaine and RAMP Enterprises, LLC for your certification!

Patti Roberts, Quality Manager
Oxygen Electronics, LLC

“Professional direction, knowledge of the subject, and her exuberant pleasant persona”

In November 1999, Kingswood made a committment to pursue ISO 9001 certification. Ramp was highly recommended to us by one of our customers. In the ensuing weeks, Elaine presented her schedule of training, along with her plan for us to accomplish certification. From her initial presentation to completion of our goal, Elaine kept the program on course with her professional direction, knowledge of the subject, teaching skills, and her exuberant pleasant persona. I would highly recommend Elaine and her company to all of my collegues.

Michael Chernesky,
Kingswood Technology, Inc.

“Driving, developing, implementing, and continued support”

Elaine has contributed to driving, developing, implementing, and continued support of a QA system in compliance with ISO 9001, QSR’s, EN 46001, and the MDD, since March 1999.

Gaston Levesque,
MicroSpecialties, Inc.

“A system that truly works for our small company”

Vascular Technology contracted with RAMP to prepare us for certification to ISO 9001. The services provided to VTI were both on-time and on-budget. Throughout the process, Elaine insured that her services would not interrupt our day to day business. What we ended up with is a system that truly works for our small company and a recommendation for certification on our first audit.

David Regan and Gary Douglas,
Vascular Technology

“Utilize the services of RAMP Enterprises to strengthen and support our quality system”

Prior to being referred to RAMP Enterprises, Proton had been moving our internal systems toward ISO registration without a lot of focus or enthusiasm. Elaine was able to come in and energize the effort. She relates extremely well to all levels in the organization and is able to thoroughly explain the standards and properly guide personnel in developing processes and documentation that fit our way of doing business. After our successful registration in July of 2000, Proton has continued to utilize the services of RAMP Enterprises to strengthen and support our quality system.

Robert J. Friedland, Vice President Operations

“I would highly recommend RAMP Enterprises to anyone”

Before signing on with Elaine Rampone, I was lost and not sure I would get my company certified by December 2000. Thanks to her hours of help and assistance, I was able to beat my deadline and without any deviations! I would highly recommend Elaine to anyone getting ISO certified. She has a way of making it less frustrating and almost fun.

Patti Roberts